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We are pleased to announce, that both my mom, Sherri, and I, Valerie, have been recognized by AKC as a Breeder of Merit!!

2012: I have become a published Illustrator!! Shooting Stars is written by a friend, Leslie Hodgson,and the cover work I did is of 'Arrow', my horse, who is also a main character of the book and depicted as a peagasus.

My Name is Sherri Nogales and I started Indianland Mtn Dogs in 2000. This is how Indianland came to be...

I saw my first berner in 1983 at a dog show. I had always loved dogs of any kind, but my heart was lost when I saw these beautiful animals. I knew that one day I would have ONE! About 10 yrs later I met my wonderful husband Tom, and 2 years later when we had our first house, Tom got his Golden named Snoozer and 2 mo later I brought home Oly.

Oly was my heart and soul. He was with me for 12 years and 10mo! He was truly the smartest, kindest and most impressive dog... ever. Our connection was hard to describe, but it was so real. Because of Oly's incredible temperment, intelligence and sweetness... 1 became 2 when we were blessed to get Hanna... Tom's other best girl:-) Hanna had had a rough start before we got her at 18mo, but with alot of love and patience she became our wonderful foundation bitch... and that is how Indianland came to be! Hanna had her first litter in 2000... and 2 became 3 when we kept Woofie:-)

Thank you so much to my beautiful daughter Val, who shows all our dogs so well. Val and her very patient and compassionate husband, Jayme, have become the strong backbone of Indianland. We have raised many litters and produced many Champions. We have been blessed with the BEST and dearest friends from the joy of placing these precious puppies in their homes.

So thanks again to my boy Oly, we have become something we never planned to be, but love so completely! My Oly passed away leaving a huge empty place in my heart, but he gave me the opportunity to bring my sweet Moondoggie into my heart... One have become many and with that, lots of love, challenges, friendships and fur!!!


Sherri Nogales

Near Spokane, Wa

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Hello, my name is Valerie and I am Sherri's daughter. I got started in the berners by association really, but quickly became hooked! When my mom got Oly in 1996, she kept in contact with the breeder and kept sending pictures to her. The breeder thought that Oly was turning out to be a very nice boy and asked if we would be interested in showing him. I had never BEEN to a dog show before, let alone participated in any type of events prior to this. I was steered in the right direction to start taking handling classes and , as they say, the rest is history!

I learned alot from Oly and the dogs that have followed him into the ring. I learned that it's ok to not win all the time, how to not get frustrated when the dog that does everything perfectly OUT of the ring gets stage fright and only wants his mama when IN the ring! I learned how to have fun and find the 'thing' that helps each dog to enjoy themselves and how to help them show off in the ring and to make it fun.

In the past several years, my mom and I have become partners in our breeding program for Indianland, and co-own all of the 'kids' together. I handle and groom our dogs for the shows, and mama is a huge support for me in and out of the ring and is great at the human socializing!! I feel very blessed to be so close to my mom. We have a great relationship, both personally and business related. We have worked really hard to become who we are today within the BMD community and to make the right breeding choices for us and our dogs. I expect to be involved with berners for years to come , and while at this time have only competed in confirmation, I am looking forward to trying Rally and Agility. It's been great to be apart of Indianland and it's growth and to do what I can to educate others in our beautiful breed.

Berners are only a portion of my busy life. My husband, Jayme, and I have been married since 2003 and have 4 daughters ranging from 16yo to 9yo. Jayme has been very helpful with the dogs and has put up with alot of dog juggling, shows and sharing my time with puppy people over the years! Without his support, I wouldn't have been able to help Indianland become as strong as it is today. We are an active family and are often out camping, hiking, fishing, hunting, ect. Our dogs are involved in almost all of our activities and you will often see us out and about on the trails or at the river or campsites with our dogs.

In addition to the berners, I have 2 horses... Arrow, whom I have had since I was 16yo and he was 9yo, Tony - Jayme's wedding present. We recently lost our girl Intregue, our filly we raised from birth... we are looking forward to raising another foal in the future!! Having been raised on a farm, I am looking forward to moving to Spokane with my family in the next few years, to share land with my mom, and get back to my farm roots.

Valerie Haverfield

North Bend, Wa

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