Prelim Hips: Excellent

Prelim Elbows: Normal

Heart: Normal

CERF: Normal

DM: Carrier

Cooper is a very sweet and very happy boy!! While he still needs to fill out some, he has only been to 3 shows and thinks it's alot of fun to be the center of attention and to be touched by everyone:-) He is a very nice and correct boy and we are excited to have him be our next Bred-By dog.

June 2014: BW-BOB BBE- BBE grp 4!

June: BW for 2 days for majors, BOB BBE- Grp 1 & 4

June: WD- major... NEW BBE CH!! with 3 majors!!

<- 8wks

13mo at his 2nd show -->

\/- 8wks investigating my horse, Arrow... who kept his head low for the puppy and didn't move his feet until Cooper left :-)

3yo- now a new BBE CH! Pix coming soon!