Dally x Clark

'Sioux-eet/Candy' Theme

Ch. Rainier's Man of Steel "Clark" Clark's OFA info
GCH. Indianland Angel With A Lariat "Dally"

1/10/13: Xrays for puppy counting due on the 19th. Approx. whelp date is Jan 25, 2013. This litter is spoken for at this time, but please feel free to check back for puppy updates!!

1/26/13- They have arrived!!! 1 girl and 4 boys. They will be listed in birth order with weights and updated weekly:-)

2/3- Puppies have all gained 3/4-1.23# this week! I am also starting to see that a couple kids are trying to open their eyes already! I would expect to see them all by the end of the week:-)

2/22- 4wks tomorrow-Puppies are all escape artists... or scream bloody murder while high-centered on the whelping box edge... you know they made it out when the screaming stops!!! They are wrestling with each other and playing with people, they are also starting to eat a mix of mush with rice, burger and some veggies.

3/2- 5wks- Out in the barn they are all doing great. They are eating some kibble with oatmeal, chix/burger and some veggies. They are playful but mostly cuddly and kissy!! We tried getting stacked pictures and they loved the lunch meat sooo much is was hard getting good pictures!! but we tried:-)

3/10- 6wks... we are all very happy and fairly low key in attitudes. We are eating alot anf love our cuddling time!

3/23- 8wks and all are headed to their new homes!!!

Norma on her first trip to the Oregon coast... loved the beach and Slept like a baby:-)


"Keano" is a happy boy and we are looking forward to seeing him grow up!



"Mousse" is in Colorado and will be trying his paw in the show ring.Here he is with LeDoux and Swagger... they all have Dally as their mommie.


Indianlands Sioux-eet Dream Catcher "Catcher" will be remaining close by as a show dog! We are very excited to Watch Catcher grow up:-) In the new Beginner Puppy class, Catcher at 4mo 1 day takes BOB puppy and a group 2 puppy!!!


"Bruce" is in Spokane with his big brother Boone.

L.R: Mousse (green), Catcher (Red), Norma(pink), Bruce (purple), Keano (blue) at 7wks