Dally had her babies!!! Friday 13th of July! thought about changing the litter theme to "Lucky", especially since these puppies DID NOT want to come out!!! They finally did arrive though, all 6 of them, safe and sound:-)

We will be updating their pictures and weights weekly, so be checking beack to see how big they have gotten!!

July 16: 3days, Dewclaws were removed today, everyone was weighed again and has gained .26-.50#!!!

7/20: 1wk, everyone has gained .74-1.13# this week! The puppies have a window open, but need a bit of warmth, so a regular light about 5' from the box works just fine.

7/30: 2.5wks- eyes and ears are all open and work very well! Puppies don't stay in the whelping box very well anymore, and attitudes are starting to come out!!

8/10: 4wks- Going out to the barn!! and big kid collars:-) Also planning a road trip to Spokane to see auntie Friday's new babies!

8/18: 5wks- road trip to Spokane was good, we had to kennel the whole trip and while moving, slept! We were introduced to cats and alot of grownup dogs, the water pool... which we ended up loving!



Gr. Ch. Indianland Angel With A Lariat "Dally"
CH. Kelleyz Black Denim and Motorcycle Boots "Levi"


Blue PEACE boy- 6:35AM SHOW BOY!

Indianland IT's A Good Life Charlie Brown "Charlie"

Birth: 1.48# , 1wk: 2.53# , 2wk: 3.56#- 2.5wk: 4.08#! , 3wks 5.23#, 4wk: 7.36#, 5wk: 10.5#, 6wk: 13.40, 7wk:15.08# , 8wks: 17.92# , 10wks:24#

happy and very outgoing!! 8mo already, can't believe it!!

It is with a sad heart that we announce the passing of Charlie Brown 8/2013 due to Parvo:-( He will be missed and remembered as a happy boy.


Yellow BELIEVE girl- 8:55AM

Indianland IT's a Rap Slim Shady "Shady"

Birth: #1.38, 1wk: 2.16# , 2wk: 3.02# , 3wks: 4.17# , 4wks: 5.77#, 5wks: 8.65#, 6wks:11.60#, 7wk:13.42#, 8wks: 17#

Can't believe how big she's getting!! and she's so pretty too... of course:-)


Green Stripe Boy - 9:50AM

Show boy!! Indianland IT Had To Be You "Bing"

Birth: #1.24, 1wk: 2.34#, 2wk: 3.43# , 3wks: 4.79# , 4wks: 6.45, 5wks: 9.22#, 6wks: 12.17#, 7wks:14.0#, 8wks: 17.5# , 10wks:24#

Bing is not a little boy!!! celebrating his 8mo birthday in the snow.

White Diamond Girl- 11:00AM AKA: Chunky Monkey! Now, Indianland IT's Black Gold "Ellie"

Birth: #1.45, 1wk: 2.19# , 2wk: 3.08# , 3wks: 4.39#, 4wks: 6.38#, 5wks: 9.25#, 6wks: 12.58#, 7wks:14.4#, 8wks:18.3#

Beautiful girl at 10 mo!

Pink Flower Girl - 2:25PM Staying apart of the Indianland pack as a show girl!!

Indianlands Got The IT Factor "Swagger"

Birth: #1.32, 1wk: 2.32 , 2wk: 3.17#, 3wk: 4.52# , 4wks: 6.43#, 5wks: 9.27#, 6wks: 11.89#, 7wks:13.3#, 8wks: 17.06#, 10wks, 22#

I wish she would just relax more when we are in new places!!!

Plaid Boy- 3:30PM

Indianland IT's Jerry's Nemesis "Newman"

Birth: #1.29, 1wk: 2.41 , 2wk: 3.28#, 3wks: 4.71# , 4wks: 6.89#, 5wks: 6.89#, 6wks: 13.21#, 7wks:14.94#, 8wks: 19.5#


Moon teaching Charlie the best way to roll yourself dry!!

They have been introduced to cats!!! Vader, the kitty, did leave with his dignity intact... barely!! a gentle bop on the nose and Green stripe said he was sorry!




We met uncle Fisher in Spokane... he was great!! He thought we were super cute and let us climb all over him and wrestle with him.

Charlie and Swagger out hiking, being good puppies, kept up for the whole 2hr hike! went swimming and heeled off leash!

The girls:

Believe, White Diamond, Pink Flower

The Boys:

PLaid, Green Stripe, Blue Peace

1st birthday party!!