~Dazzle x Bean~

This is Dazzle's 1st litter and we are very excited about these guys!! Dazzle's whelp date is Oct 6th. We will update this page when puppies arrive!! The theme for this litter is 'Sioux-eet something'. Since we like to keep in the Indian name theme overall, my sister cleaverly came up with 'Sioux-eet' for Sweet :-)
Dazzle in Feb. 2007. Having beautiful structure and balance, and we are anxious to see how Bean will compliment her.
Bean in 2006 in Canada. Bean also is very typey with sound movement. We have felt for a while now, that this macth should be very, very nice... guess we'll see soon!!
They have arrived!!! Friday, Oct 5th 2007 Dazzle had her babies. Dazzle is being a great mother. The boys are MORE than growing like weeds!!! Be checking back for new pix and info:-)

<--<--Blue boy front

And a rear view... ---->


Chevy in the back and Arlo in the foreground. 10wks and already on their first trip out of state to their new homes in CA.

Arlo 10 wks /\
Indianlands Sweet Ride of Kelleyz "Chevy". He is living in CA with his buddies at Kelleyz Kennelz. Last I heard, he was 70lb at almost 5mo!!! Looking forward to seeing this kid kick some tail in the ring!!
The reason this litter theme is sweet, comes from their mama's attitude and personality. This is what we see on a daily basis from Dazzle, that melting, satisfied look of peace.
Naughty or Nice? How can this look say 'naughty'??!!
This is Green boy at 10wks. He is now Indianlands Sweeten the Pot "Arlo". He also lives in CA at the Windraider Kennels. He is growing by leaps and bounds and buildin good muscles running up and down the hills. Another kid to watch out for in the near future!!
Arlo, 11wks and his first snow in CA
Arlo and some of his new friends at the Windraider Kennels.