Dazzle x Cash
Dazzle is about as sweet as they come , can't you tell??!! Very willing to please , an extremely 'typey' body, we are looking forward to this match.
Cash is a beanie son, and a littermate to Tango. Very big and sweet, we are very excited to see what Cash will produce. He has a wonderful temperment, beautiful head and bone.
This litters theme is "Cops & Robbers", as we expect this litter to steal hearts. We are interested to see what type of registered name will be thought of!!
We have arrived!!! On Feb.22,2009 the 5 of us made our entrance into the world. Our auntie Val was VERY surprised by our size, but we think we are babies still! Our pix will be updated every wk with new pix and weights. We will be listed in our birth order.

Copper -in the ring in 2011. Whispering to the judge... very social! Copper and I in the ring.


10 wks

Kevlar -7mo and out hiking.

<--Griffey almost 2yo and visiting the ocean

June 7,2009 L-R: Copper, Kevlar, Cash, Griffey. We were able to get 3 out of the 5 pups together for a family pix with Cash. The pups are all 15wks. We hope to have the other 2 girls join us next time.

Kona 2yo... She is called mud dog for a reason!! This is her FAVORITE thing to do on our hikes!! Find the mud, run as fast and low as you can... and see how many other dogs will follow you!! Good thing mom brings extra towels!!!
Rio in the fall of 2011