In Loving Memory


12/09/96 - 8/18/05



Our sweet, sweet girl Hanna has passed on.  Always a wonderful happy playmate with her daughters, Woofie And Lefty, and sometimes playground monitor, she was happy and barking to the very end.

  I don’t know if there will ever be a kinder or more gentle spirit than Hanna-bearah.  But I do know that she passed on that beautiful loving heart to all of her babies.

  All of us,but especially her daddy, Tom, miss her with aching hearts.  We feel so lucky to have been blessed with the love of this gorgeous sweet girl.  She gave us everything that we stand for at Indian land….beauty, sweet temperament, big gentle hearts, kind soft eyes and great healthy pups.

  We miss and love her everyday, but feel so proud that she was ours and for the legacy she has given us.

Our Hanna, at almost 9yo
Hanna at 2yo

Indianland's Haunting Melody

10/27/07 - 6/12/07 (8.5mo)

"Lyric" was a Tango x Duke daughter. She was my up and coming show girl, the puppy every breeder waits for, and my baby. When she was born I got chills. I tried my best to be objective and not play favorites... but it was hard!! When we did our evaluations at 8wks, and she was the pick, I couldn't contain my happiness!!! Full of life, outgoing and sweet as they come, I couldn't wait to get her into the show ring. She was able to show 2x prior to her passing. The first show was a match, where she took BOB puppy and Grp 2nd puppy! The next show... the day before she took ill, she took 2nd to her littermate, Luna.

Struck down very early in life with the dreaded Parvovirus, in less than 48 hours, my Lyric went from healthy, eating and playing, to passing away. She is now playing with Hanna-beara in the clouds, no doubt learning to become a play ground monitor master, like Hanna.

I memory of Lyric, Tango's next litter theme will be 'country music lyrics'. Lyric is very much loved and missed every day. I'm thankful for the time we did have together.

<--- Lyric at almost 7mo.

Above: Lyric at 6wks

Below: Lyric on the Left at 7mo, her mother, Tango at 2.5yo.

AKC/CKC/Multi Int'l Ch. Hidden Valley Beans Big Venture, CGC

Nov. 17, 2000 - Nov. 19, 2007

"Bean" was taken in this morning to be neutered and unfortunately had a negative reaction to the aenethesia and never woke up. Bean was 7yo this past Sat, Nov 17th and while he had several good years, in the past several months he had started to struggle with what we felt were some 'inner demons'. He is now at peace and playing in the clouds with Hanna and Lyric and will be very missed. We will remember the good times, how he liked to chase his tail... would even sit down to pick it up and run circles, his 'pretzel'... burying his head in your lap and then continuing to roll in a circle to have his belly rubbed, how he was my first real competition dog, my first Champion, the great contribution he was to our breeding program and the beautiful Beanie babies he has produced that will carry out his legacy. I will remember the better person, dog owner and trainer I have become because of Bean. How I learned to read body language and know what it means,  how to live and cherish every day... cause you never know when it may be yours... or their... last.
Every time I hear thunder, it reminds me of horses hooves and dog paws running. Here's to the sound of thunder, taking the time to grieve and to looking towards the future... without it, time might stand still.
Beanie, you are loved and will be missed, give Hanna and Lyric a kiss from us. Rest in peace Big Dawg.


OCT. 27, 2006 - JAN. 18, 2008 (14.5mo)

Gideon... means 'Mighty Warrior'. We thought this name very fitting for our sweet boy who struggled so early in life, to live, and won with a vengence!! Our Giddy passed away sometime Thursday night due to GVD ... aka Bloat. We took him to the Diagnostic Lab at WSU in Pullman, Wa, where they quickly found the cause of Giddy's passing.

We had so many plans for our Diddy, but for some reason fate had a different idea for his future and our's. We miss him terribly already, he'll never be forgotten and our wish is that everyone will someday have a Gideon in their life. Everyone who met him, loved him and wanted one just like him for their own. He was a very special boy with soulful eyes.

Here's to 'the good die young', mud bathes, being a complete boy, and to the last minute remembering of the camera and getting that great shot!

/\-Gideon 3mo ...... on his 1yo birthday ----->

And taken on Thursday morning at 14.5 mo --\/

Ch. Indian Land Stands With A Fist "Lefty"

May 5, 2003 - Sept. 30, 2008

"Lefty-Lou" is a Hanna x Bean daughter. This past January, Lefty was running and playing in the back yard and, as was custom, came running to the back door and used the door to help her stop. Unfortunately, this caused a severe leg injury. After several different vet's and specialists looked into the cause of the injury... NOONE could find anything wrong with her leg, other than it was obviously sore and swollen. Lefty bounced back to her normal self after a week or so of med's... being involved in every conversation wether it was to her or not, being the playground moniter, and letting the 'pack' know she was still involved with decision making.

This past week, we believe the leg was reinjured, as the leg became very painful and swollen. Med's weren't helping, so our next goal was to ease her pain by taking the leg. Unfortunately, the vet found that her leg was massively infected, past the point of being able to heal. We made the gut wrenching decision for Lefty to ease her pain for a lifetime. We understand that sometimes as breeders these decisions are necessary, but they never come easy. Lefty has blessed us with 3 very nice litters of puppies and several show kids among them.

Lefty was my 2nd CH. and I learned how important grooming and keeping them toned is for some dogs. She was a blast, vivacious and into everything that happened. I'm sure she is making Heaven a little bit louder and enjoying every minute of it. We'll miss you Lef!!

Multi Int'l Ch. Aespos Mount Olympus, "Oly"

1/9/1996 - 10/1/2008 12yrs 10mo

 It is with heavy hearts that we inform you all of yet another earthbound angel being sent back home. Oly let mama know that today was the day and he was sent back to Heaven. Oly was 2mo shy of his 13th birthday, and while this is a feat by itself for our breed, it was still not near enough time. Those of you who got a chance to meet this wonderful boy, know the connection he and mama have had from the beginning. If it weren't for Oly, there wouldn't have been Indianland. We are so thankful for the time we did have with him, the things he taught us about unconditional love, and that not all things need to be spoken to be understood.

 He was the smartest dog I have ever known, and you dare not think about swimming or a walk around him, as he would come running ready to go. By the end of summers, he remembered how to spell words, like "Walk", "Swim", "Bike". He understood what "Go ask Daddy" meant, and "think of a different one (trick), you already did that", HATED the word "wait", but would go away and come back later to ask again. Thought he should be involved in most conversations, and would add his 2 cents if it was an interesting enough conversation.

 We will miss those big, soft brown eyes that looked into your very soul to read your innermost thoughts and knew a persons true heart. We are happy to know that Lorna (Hidden Valley BMD breeder) was there to meet Oly and know that she will be taking excellent care of all of our 'kids' until it's our time.

Mama and Oly in 2006
Oly in April 2008 at 12yr 3mo taking Best Vetern's in Sweeps in Lewiston, Id.

Int'l Ch. Indian Land Woofie Cushion

5-1-2000 to 10-15-2009 (9yrs 5.5mo)

Our sweet Woofie has gone on to meet her mama Hanna. This past year Woofie developed a lump on her mouth. With heavy hearts, we let Woofie go 'home' to be with out pain. She is very much missed and we will always have that soft spot for the 'over-sized' girl that was always happy to meet everyone, able to bound into any vehicle at will, and came RUNNING to her special name "Whoop-whoop". We miss your smiling face and ever sweet eyes,'Do-bah', Rest In Peace sweet girl.



Int'l/AKC Ch Mustang Earths Last Tango

10-27-2004 to 6-29-2011 (6yr 8mo)

Father's day weekend we were camping and I noticed that Tango looked chunky in the middle. I made a comment that she needed to take off a few pounds and that we would start cutting her dinner a little bit. The following Friday, June 24th she didn't eat her dinner. I took her temp and it was a little bit high. I decided to take her to the local vet, as she also had a big stuffy nose. They took xrays of her tummy, as it looked swollen and you could now feel a lump of some sort. The xray showed that her spleen was enlarged, but no apparent cause. They suggested an ultrasound and go from there. I took Tango to Spokane to a vet that a friend of our had found. They took blood and found that she was slightly enemic and her white count was a bit high. Xrays of her chest show no masses and were perfect looking. Ultrasound as inconclusive as well. Tues she went in for a recheck on her bloodwork to see if anything had improved. They hadn't, in fact, it was worse then we thought. Mama took her back home to our property and we decided that since her time was unknown, we would let her tell us when it was time. The next morning, mama was going to take her to the vet's one last time. But, Tango being the calm, take charge girl she was, took matter's into her own paws. She walked out of the house towards the horse pasture, laid down and went to sleep forever. it was calm, peaceful, and dignified... just like Tango. Mama took her to the vet's to find the reason... it was surprising to all of us!! Her chest, lungs, kidneys, liver and spleen were all normal! The vet found that she had a perforating ulcer in the area between her stomach and where it connects to the small intestine. It had been there for a while, no reason, no way to have known.

I will miss my Tango-bango so much. She was the best, easiest going girl, a calm pack leader, and rarely got into trouble. My hiking buddy, the best mama dog you could ask for. She would have been 7yo in Oct, still much to young to have left us.
She is buried at the property, with Shai, where her good natured, calming spirit will add to the karma that the property already has. mama was thinking of me this morning on her way to work and Tango popped into her thoughts. A quick picture... but it was Tango, show clean and shiney, and she just shook off like " Phew! I made it!!" She was super happy, tail wagging and felt good... thank you mama for sharing, it helps me feel better knowing she is happy and good.
I love you Tango, my freckle-faced girl, RIP