is a Tango x Duke daughter. Born October 27, 2006, this up and coming girl is maturing very nicely. In her latest International show, she did extremely well!! Taking 4 BOB, 2 grp 1, a grp 2 & 3 in Feb 08. In Oct. 07 -3 BOB puppy and 3 group 3's from the puppy class!!! The judges loved her and were all excited to see her grown up. Be looking for Luna in the shows near you!!! Luna takes her first major in Lewiston, ID! Luna need that final major to become a Ch! We are cheering for you Luna!!

She DID IT!!! new Champion and recently retired as well. conrgrats to Luna and Shirley and Dave for all their hard work!!!

For more about Luna got to Blue Sky Berners

Luna at 7 wks /\
Luna at 10 wks... growing thick already!
Luna at 4.5 mo, looking more like a pre-teen.
At 3.5 mo, Luna is a nice thick girl!!
Luna at 10 mo and her ever hanging tongue!!
Like mother, like daughter.. Tango on (L), Luna on (R), this past August 2007.
Oct. 2007 3 BOB and Grp 3's at 1yo!
Luna at 18mo with her little sister, Spirit.
taking BOS/WB for her first pts in april 2009!!