Making a big splash onto the scene is Moondoggie! Thank you to Donna and Sean Kelley of Kelleyz Kennelz in So. California for this beautiful boy. We are looking forward to the day when Moon will be making waves in the show ring. Thank you to Fred Thomas for getting Moon's final pt's towards his Championship! Fred and moon will be out on the show curcuit for 2012 and we expect big things!!

/\-- 8 wks and stacking like a pro
/\-- 11 wks
/\--14 wks and lookin for a treat
/\-- 14.5 wks and growin more bone by the hour!!
4mo and letting me know what he thinks about my taking the pix from INSIDE the house!!
Moon(5mo) and Chilly (16.5mo), a Lefty son.
Moon at work with me, 6.5mo.
at 1yo out on another walk. He's very sweet and calm enough for Shaylee to handle.
Moon- 7mo
Moon smiling in Sept.
Moon in April 2009
Callie 9yo, Moon 18mo in May
Callie 8yo and Moon 6mo- 1st show RWD
3.5yo, june 2011
In April 2010 in Spokane at the property... this is why the dogs are well muscled and in good shape!!