This is Art Work I have done from 2007 to Present.
Fran and Ellens' boy and girl.
2007 - 2009



George and Zues ornaments

Ace - ornament->


<- Verbal- 2'x3'


Crystal - ornament- >

Make Myne Mynk LC- American Saddlebred mare

<- Where the Red Fern Grows... These 2 girls were inseparable and passed within 2 weeks of each other. This is their memorial.


Bruno- Ornament ->

Bubba and Yukon- Golden Retreiver Brothers

<- Arrow- first pencil drawing in a long time

I am a published Illustrator! I painted this pegasus for my friends' new book.

This is Lyric- I made 27 of these paintings for a dog show as ring favors! Alot of work, but it was fun:-)

<- Crooner and Rory


Avery and Halo ->

<- Haley and her horse- This was my first painting on a canvas and a human!

Nigel- I burn the main design onto the wood prior to painting -->

<- Sirus and his favorite chair


Name sign for a Chrsitmas Tree farm -\/

This is a canvas painting for Best Veteran in Sweeps- Oly with his leash and Tango-Bango.
This is a 10x10 canvas painting for Best puppy in Sweeps- Gideon and Lyric are littermates and tango babies.

Thes are also prizes for a dog show in April 2013 in Lewiston, ID. The wooden plaques are 5x7's.

Top/L>R: Dally- Best of breed, Moon- Best of opposite

Middle/L>R: Chilly herding- Best of Winners, Lefty- Best Bred-by Bitch

Bottom/L>R: Cutter- Best Bred-by Dog, Aurora- highest score for obediance, Knuckles- highest score for Rally/Agility


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