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My Art Work
Can you find a second wolf? This was my first attempt at drawing on the computer using a mouse.
These first few are painted on 'planks'.
These are of our kids... Hanna( on the Left) and Snoozer (on the right). The sign below is the finished product and is 6"x4' in size. ---\/
This is of Hoss, the only Oly son, and was a part of the prize packets at the last supported entry for Bernese Mtn Dogs. This sign is 3"x18". ---\/
Unfortunately, these pictures were taken AFTER the sign had been varnished so you aren't able to see the detail very well... Won't do that again!! This sign is also 6"x4'.
The sign above is 6"x3'. The picture below is of a detailed plank on Bean's cart.
These are 'rounds' painted with each kennels name and personal dogs on the signs. These are both approx. 3.5' in diameter. The sign on the left still has the bark on it. It is the 1 and only with bark left on. The bark is now taken off of every 'round'.
These next few were drawn on the computer using a mouse and Windows Paint. The 'Angel Drinking From a Leaf' took approx. 30 hours to complete.... and NO, it is not me!!!
The horses you will find on Tango's page at the top... the background was filled in a dark blue for her page. This picture took about 20 minutes.
The ducks are still a work in progress... I have to finish the water still.

This is my latest project. It is tongue-and-groove cedar, 2'x3'.

I tried to show the detail... but I need to learn to take better pictures!! Thank you to Jill for your order.

This is a painting I did for my mom. A few pictures of how it started, clear through the finished product. I also took several single pictures to try and show the detail. This painting is 3'x4'. Hope you enjoy:-)
Clockwise: Bo, Buster, Charm, Holly, Gus, Cody
Clockwise: Hoss, Libby, Lyric, Onokie
Clockwise: Oly, Rufus, Tess w/ Kodee, Seamus, Shonee, Tully, Tango
Timber w/ broken's head


Gideon @ 10mo. 5x7


<------ Buster

Ornaments, 5" Diameter roughly.

These are some new paintings that I did for Christmas 2007. Thank you for your orders!!
Blaze, a Tango x Duke boy, this is an 8x10 with wood frame
Buster- 5x7 with wood around, buster is a Lefty x Vinnie boy.
Lhasa Apso ornament 5"
Cheyenne is a Woofie x Bean girl-- this is a 5x7
Chief is a Lefty x Vinnie boy- this is a 5x7
'Red Fern Grows'- 8x10
Tabby cat ornament 5"
Airedale ornament 5"
Westie plaque is a 5x7... ornament is 5"
This is a double sided sign, 2'x6"
This is for Fran and Ellen of their kids. They won the blank 2'x3' board at the Portland BMD National during the raffle. They supplied me with various pix to choose from. thank you for this opportunity to paint your babies:-)
This is a saw blade, my first. This is in loving memory of a father and husband with secnery from MT. As avid fisherman, they asked that his boat be included.
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