If it wouldn't have been for Oly, there wouldn't have been anymore berners for our family. Oly is about the most perfect boy you could ask for as far as tempermate, agility and health goes. At first, he was very quiet and would sit in the corners watching the people and not participating. Then he decided that 'mama' was the greatest... and then people in general were good! Oly hasn't found a human anywhere that doesn't like him or he them. At 9 years young now, Oly still will race you on the bike, go for 3-4 mile bike... runs, swim for 45+ minutes and then come charging into the house after having jumped 3 steps, the landing and a baby gate.... all at once!!! This is a ritual 3-5 times a week! A good dinner, sound sleeping and he's ready to go again the next day. Even though most berners aren't known to be water dogs, most of ours are... starting with Oly! He'll even fetch... as long as the actual logs(railroad ties or 6" round broken trees)are thrown into the water, he'll fetch. Take that same log, throw it away from the water, and he won't touch it!We feel so fortunate to have our big healthy boy, and to see how full of life he is every day!! Way to go Oly man!!!
OLY at 9yo! Taken this past March 05. Strong and Healthy and constantly jumping the 5' high fence just to sit on the porch.
This picture was take in January 2007. Oly turned 11yo 4 days before this photo!! At this show, Oly took 1st place in the 11yo+ class. You can see his show pix on the 'Show Results' page. Oly is now living in Texas and loving the warm weather, swimming and daily 3-4 mile walks he's still taking. We are very proud of our healthy 'old man'!!:-)

Please can we go for a walk??!! I have my leash ready and everything!!!

Oly at 11.4yo.

This is Oly on his 12th birthday!! Happy, strong, still taking 2-3 mile walk/runs everyday. Still loves foolin' people with his lack of age!! oly will be moving back to WA. this coming spring, and we hope to get him into a couple vetern shows!! Congrats O-man!!
This past April 2008, Oly participated in a Sweepstakes show in Lewiston, Idaho. The oldest one in attendance at 12.5 yo, Oly took Best In Sweeps!!! We are very proud of our healthy boy and how he still jogs around a ring, or a trail, with easy, grace and happiness. Good job O-man!!!