CGC- Canine Good Citizen

Am DD- American Draft Dog

Can DD- Canadain Draft Dog

Can NDD- Canadian Novice Draft Dog

CD- Companion Dog

RN- Rally Novice

TD- Therapy Dog

HIT:Herding Instinct Tested



"Nugget" is Jayme's hunting girl. Here she competed in her first ever show in Feb at the Int'l show. She did an excellent job coming away with 3 puppy grp 1's and a grp 2!!! It was exciting and the judges had very nice things to say about her, especially on her movement, head and personality. This gives her a Nat. & Int'l JHA Champion title!!! Way to go Nugget!!!


"Tahoe" is a Woofie x Sarge boy. Even though Tahoe has not tried his paw in the confirmation ring, he has done very well in other Berner events. Tahoe has received his CGC (Canine Good Citizen), Am DD (American Draft Dog), Can NDD (Canadian novice Draft Dog), and HIT (Herding Instinct Tested)!!! He will be working towards his CD (Companion Dog) this weekend. ** Update: 1/2008-- Tahoe earned his CD and his RN (Rally Novice) at the Puyallup show!! 6/08--Tahoe earns another 'leg' in obediance...All of these titles can be earned by a dog that is spayed/neutered. Tahoe loves drafting and obediance and pleasing his mom Mona. We are looking forward to Tahoe's new venture's in the future!!

Indian Land Hanna's Papoose, TD

"Anni" is a Hanna x Bean daughter. She has achieved her Theraphy Dog title and is a regular visitor for handicapped children. Anni is also a 'reading partner', meaning that she is a compainion for children with reading difficulties.

"Abby" is a Bean daughter and is 3yo. She is a titled Theraphy Dog and is a constant visitor at the Overlake Hospital in Bellevue, Wa. Congrats Abby!!

Indianlands Blue Clear Sky

It was a quite morning at Sky's house, the kids were at school and mom and dad had gone to work. So with the house to herself she went upstairs to take a nap. Well things were going just fine until there was a loud noise downstairs... someone had kicked in the door! Sky woke up and not thinking about her own safety she ran down stair and charged the burglars. The burglars seeing this big dog running at them, turned and started to run with fright. Sky chased them out of the house and down the street, the bad guys screaming all the way!!When she was sure they wouldn't be back she started back home,her head held high knowing she had just done a great thing for her family. Thats when the doggie police showed up. Well they would not listen to her and they locked her up, they didn't care she had just chased the bad guys away from her home. They didn't care that she was a hero. They just put on the cuffs and hauled her away. When she got to jail she took her one phone call and called her daddy and he rushed down to bail her out. She told him what happened and he is very proud of her as we all should be. Sky is a hero and I know she will be getting something special for dinner tonight.

Just goes to show that they can be protective when they need to be... Way to go Sky-bird, we are all VERY PROUD of this Hanna x Bean girl!!

Our herding day!!! IT was great to see all of those that had a chance to come out for Ewe-topia in Roy this past Sat. It was a beautiful day and we all had a great time with several of us finding a new challenge for our dogs!! I would like to congratulate Buster, Pongo, Henry, Cheyenne, Tango, Chilly and Dodge on receiving their HIT's!!! They all showing an instinct for herding and had a great time doing it! It will be fun to see if we can continue these dogs with the herding and maybe receive some herding titles!! Looking forward to more in the future!!
/\- Henry and Chilly-\/
/\-Dodge at 5mo and Tango-\/

/\-Buster and