Oly and his only son, Hoss. Oly (R) is 11.5 yo, Hoss is 4yo.
Abbey, woofie and landry, 3 of Hanna x faldo kids. Woofie is 7yo, abbey and landry, littermates, will be 7yo in november!
Cody, Ranger, cali, woofie, cheyenne, bean, tasha. Woofie x Bean kids fom 2 litters. They are or will be 4yo by December.
shonee, bear, woofie x Bean, singha, kenia, this litter will be 3yo in November.
rusty, buster, poppi, LEFTY, chilly, chief, pongo, hugo, kate, josephine, molly. These are Lefty's kids from her 2 litters.
Lilah and her sire, Oly. >>
blaze, kodee, holly, gideon, luna, seamus, tess and tango. This is Tango's first litter and they are 8.5mo.
Tahoe, Woofie and tucker. tahoe's mom, mona, was the owner of sarge, the sire for this litter. they are 5yo.
river, nokie, lefty, bean, sassi. these are Hanna x Bean kids from 2 litters. Lefty is 4YO, river, onokie and sassi are 3.5yo.
Shirley holding bean's leash.... obviously contemplating something!!!
timber, bean, sky... these are 2 hanna x bean last litter. they are 2.5 yo.

several pictures of our group outing.






we had a final count of 62+ berners!!!



and a few other berner 'friends'

<< just some of the food shared with all...


Blaze at 8.5mo, a Tango x Duke boy. >>

the prize table... /\
Cash and Cali. Cash is Tango's littermate, Cali is a woofie gilr. Both have Bean as their sire. >>>

more socializing pictures......




\/ our picture area...

trying to remember all the pictures I wanted to get... mama doing a good job of getting after Bean:-)
fun and wrestling was had by all... not quite sure if Tess thought this was a fair wrestling match with her daddy holding her down!!! .... or was it??!!
As a special tribute to my mom for all the hard work she has put into raising most of these puppies, I painted a collage of ALL of our dogs from Oly, our #1 berner, to the Lefty x Ice litter of 8mo old. I also included as many pictures as I could of Bean and his kids from 'other mother's'. It took me 2.5 wks of drawing and painting the approx. 125 dogs on the collage. You can find more pictures of this collage and close up pictures by going to 'ARTWORK DONE BY INDIANLAND' on the bottom left of the home page. Those present were able to sign the back of the painting as our guest book.

A great time was had by evryone that came to our reunion... From Spokane, Oregon, Texas and Colorado!!! We had over 62 dogs in attendance, and you can count on at least 2-3 people per dog. We had such a good time and are already planning for the next reunion in approx. 2009-ish. We are thinking about a camping trip to Eastern Washington, so be prepared!! The weather pretty much held out just long enough before we all got rained on, but our shelter was very nice and fit almost all of us! We had lots of prizes, good stories to tell and newcomers anxiously awaiting their new puppy. Thank you all for giving these dogs such wonderful homes, we couldn't ask for anything better for our puppies.

If you would like to be notified of our next reunion, email me with your name, address and phone #'s.