Moon X Samba litter: Riot- 4.5mo
Fun was had by all, and we are looking forward to the next East-side Reunion!!! ope to see you all there!!
This years reunion was held in Spokane on our 44 acres. We had a camping weekend and had alot of fun visiting with our friends and dogs. While our turnout wasn't as good as previous years, we all had a great time and are looking forward to the next reunion!!
The whole gang!!
In honor of Tango, her kids from 3 different litters: Dally, Friday, Samba, Spice, Orcus
Moon's kids: Moon, Le Doux, Stoli, Riot, Paisley, Sirius, Houston, Neon
Moon x Dally kids (15mo): Le Doux, Moon, Dally, Paisley
<- NON- Indianland bred dogs.. Levi, Fisher, Dazzle, Crooner, Moon
Visitors: Shelby, Gigi-8 yo, Whidby- 12yo in Oct.
Since there was a campfire ban... we improvised!!
We had beautiful weather, a kiddie pool for feet, good friends, great conversation and good munchies!!
Like father, like son... Moon in front, Le Doux in rear.
Orcus, 2.5yo, Tango x Forrest, littermate to Spice, Samba, Cutter

<- Paisley, Dallyxmoon, 15mo

Sirius, 10mo, Luna x Moon ->

Levi, 8mo, from CA

<- Friday, 15mo, Tango x Floyd

Riot, 4.5mo, Moon x Samba ->

Trampoline- $10 garage sale find...

The fun a berner can have??! Priceless!!


Several dogs loved the trampoline, but Levi, Riot and Paisley were on it most. We even put up a plank for them to use, which they did, to get on/off by themselves!