This is Riot's first litter and we are very excited to see these babies. They have arrived!! Nov 16, 2013, 8 beautiful healthy babies were welcomed into the world. 4 boys and 4 girls:-) They are already traveling babies too, having come to North Bend to my house from Spokane!

1wk: They all got their talons... I mean toenails, cut today, and pictures taken... tricky with only one person!

4wk: I know, I know:-( I haven't been good about posting pix... but here are some from this wk! they have just gone out to the barn and they think it's pretty cool:-)

5wks: The babies are doing really well in the barn. They have also been coming back in the house for something different and are doing really good with the changes. outside life is treating them well... they have all gained 2.1 - 2.58# this wk!

CH Tulipanos Berni Felix

Indianland's The Big Easy "Bourbon"

He has officially 'assumed the berner position'!! He is so stinkin cute:-)

Indianland Sh'Ease a Farm Girl "Barley"

What can I say... she is so cute! So far she is very sweet and mild in personality. She LOVES her belly rubbed.

Indianland's Easy As Pi "Pi"

She is going to be a show girl! She lives very close to my mom and we are excited to watch her grow:-) Pi comforting her big brother Mason... who got a bath and is pouting!

She has a little zig zag of a swiss kiss. She is a very happy girl and loves to be held and kissed. She has a good happy outgoing personality.

Indianland Sh'Ease a Country Girl "Cowgirl"

She is going to Wisconsin to live and work on an angus ranch!! it will be an excellent job for her as She is very happy and confident. Nothing much gets to her and she loves laps!

"Darby" and his mom on the exciting 'pick-up' day:-) both of his little boys will be happy to have this fuzzy baby running around:-)

He also has quite a bit of face white, as well as a big tail tip and small 'boots' on his front feet. He is sooo cute and sweet and happy and his tail never stops:-) He gets a super sweet face anytime you talk to him and he comes running for hugs:-)

Indianland H'ease An Alaskan mtn Man "Trapper"

Trapper went to my sister in Alaska, her husband had planned this as a surprise and she had NO IDEA!!!

He is very cute! He is a mild boy right now, he is a quiet and confident kid, but again, would rather be held and kiss you:-)

Indianland's Speakeasy "Collins"

She has a great face and her mom has already taught her alot of things!! go Collins!!

Indianland's H'Ease A Playboy "Hef" aka heffy

He is staying apart of the indianland pack as a show kid!! We just couldn't let him go, we have high hopes for this boy.

He is very sweet and is very happy and super confident and loves to 'do' things. He also likes to be involved in conversations... and likes to give his opinion too:-)