Rock -n- Roll
Ch.Kelleyz Black Denim and Motorcycle Boots "Levi"

Feb 14, 2013!!!

We have arrived!! There are 6 of us... 2 girls and 4 boys. Right now we are in Spokane with mama Sherri, but will be coming over to visit Auntie Val when we are a couple weeks old. We got a late start on pix, but since we are now 1wk old we will try to make sure our pictures are updated regularly!!

3/3- We are 2.3wks old now and are making the trip over to Auntie Val's house today!! We will stay with her until the end of March and then go back to live with grandma Sherri the last couple weeks before we go to our forever homes! Come visit us!! We have our eyes and ears open and are very mobile:-)

3/7- 3wks old already, eating mush and having happy tails!!

3/14- 4wks and NOT staying in the box!! Thinkin it's time they go outside!! Some were willing to stand for pictures... others had better things to do;-/

3/27- 6wks and in Spokane and love all the sunshine and free time running around the yards. They are all great at climbing the stairs and taking giant leaps to clear them... even if their landings are not so graceful! They are able to come and go from the house when mama is home and they do so often... it's a cool game:-)


Pink girl - birth-1.31#~ 1wk-2.23~ 2wks- 3.51#~ 3wks- 5.028#~ 4wk- 6.59#~ 6wk-10.84#~ 7wk- 13.5#~ 8wk- 16.9#

She is is staying apart of the Indianland pack for now! Indianlands I Love Rock n Roll At Gracious "Joplin"

6mo -> and looking great!!

Lt Blue- AKA Marky

birth 1.33#~ 1wk- 1.85~ 2wks- 2.79#~ 3wks-4.162#~ 4wks- 5.67#~ 6wk- 10.36#~ 7wk- 13.6#~ 8wk- 17.3#

He is such a great boy! Indianlands Good Vibrations "Marky". and he is living on a farm with cows and horses and his parents have lots of plans for him! We are very happy for Marky:-)

5mo <->


Red boy- birth-1.37#~ 1wk- 2.369#~ 2wks- 3.24#~ 3wks-4.578#~ 4wk- 6.70#~ 6wk- 11.07#~ 7wk- 14.6#~ 8wk- 18.4#

He is also staying apart of the Indianland pack!!! Indianlands Walk This Way "Smithy"

<- 6mo...5mo->

Orange boy- Birth-1.26#~ 1wk- 2.27#~ 2wks- 3.61#~ 3wks-4.88#~ 4wk- 6.70#~ 6wk- 12.05#~ 7wk-15.17#~ 8wk- 19.4#

Indianlands Back in Black "Teague" :-)

he is very sweet and right now more mild mannered, but confident.

Due to a dog bite, Teague lost his left eye:-( While he can't be a show dog now, he is living with Dave and Shirley Norris of Blue Sky BMD. He is doing very well and adjusting like a pro:-)

Yellow girl- birth-1.40#~ 1wk-2.34#~ 2wks- 3.63#~ 3wks- 5.266#~ 4wk- 6.85#~ 6wk- 11.14#~ 7wk- 14.1#~ 8wk- 18#

Yellow is very happy and confident and active! Her new dad is very happy with her and her confidence already!! Indianlands lucie In the Sky w/Diamonds "Lucie"

Navy Blue boy- birth-1.33#~ 1wk- 2.37#~ 2wk- 3.59#~ 3wks- 5.020#~ 4wk- 7.18#~ 6wk- 11.38#~ 7wk-14.9#~ 8wk-19.1#

Navy is very sweet, playful and mid-active and did not like the table! his parents were so excited that he was theirs:-) Indianlands More Than A Feeling "Boston"


Jet, auntie Dally and Smithy, marky sleeping, Marky meeting Tony the 'large dog', Smithy and Marky 'caged', Tony and Lucie meeting, Jet, ACDC, Puppies waiting to meet Tony.
Lucie peeking through the deck, Smithy and Jet nosing, Smithy heard his name, Uncle moon and ACDC, Smithy and Uncle Moon, Marky watching Tony.