Samba x Moon babies have arrived!!

Nov 12, 2011 we received 4 beautiful girls! They are very active, good sized girls, ranging from 1.39 - 1.44 pounds! While we were hoping for more, we are pleased with the type and consistancy we already see in this repeat breeding. Check back every couple weeks for updated pix!!


Pink girl, first born..

<- 17mo

Schnapps will be staying close, as she is out potential show girl!! She is with her new family, Tammy, Joanne and Barry!

Pippa is close as well with her new mom, Andre. I know they will be out for hikes alot!!

15mo ->


Luna has gone home to California with Ian and Kristen... repeat 'Indianland-er's!! this make berner #3 for them!! we are so happy that Luna will have such a great life in the CA mountains:-D


Aurora has gone to her new parents in Wenatchee, Steve and Jan. This is berner #1 for them and they are super excited for their furry bundle:-D

Well... they adopted Crooner too:-)

Rory on the Left, Crooner on the Right

Samba and her babies- she is a great mama and if she doesn't quit cleaning them every 3 seconds... they will be hairless!! lolol
Auntie Spice, Samba's littermate, has decided that nothing is better than a baby!! She was cleaning the pink baby, stretching out on the couch trying to nurse the baby, cuddling it, hugging it, whining over it, worried when we took the puppies outside for pix!! She will make an excellent mommy when it's her turn next!!

my mom has a way with the babies:-)

<- she can always find 1-2 that will 'talk' or howl at her when she talks to them! As if 2-3 wks babies know what Howling should sound like!! Moon has a beautiful howl! Maybe she got it from him:-)

Since we spend so much time with our puppies, we really work on desensitzing them. This means they are put into all sorts of positions and have all sorts of things done to them. Piggy Sue has no problems relaxing upside down!! --->

Here are the babies at 4wks... L>R: Pink, Yellow, Purple, Green