Samba and Moon welcomed 7 babies on April 2, 2011! 1 girl and 6 boys, all healthy, fat and very well marked. Here are the 4wk old pix, some of them have partial eyes open. Starring, in birth order...

Riot will remain apart if the Indianland pack on the West side!

She is the ONLY girl in the litter!

18mo ->

Boz- 2yo and his buddy Lucky


Knuckles is learning the ropes from his new pack and taking down Stella!!

<- 2yo!



Riko getting to be a big boy!!

Foxy-8yo big bro, Riko and 10yo sis Molly.



Babies got to go outside to their puppy run this past weekend... they are enjoying the straw and chairs provided. They are looking forward to having visitors!!
Boz and buddy, Colorado