3" X 18" $30
6" X 4' $50
6" X 5' $60
6" X 6' $70

2' DIAMETER (approx.) $150
3' DIAMETER (approx.) $200
4' DIAMETER (approx.) $250


3x3 $20

5x7 $30

8x10 $50

2' X 3' $125
3' X 3'

Some shipping is available. 'Rounds' cannot be shipped, but you are welcome to pick them up.
For all signs please allow 10-14 days for completion. I will contact you when your sign has been finished.
All prices are subject to change without notice.
Once your deposit has been paid, your price will be locked in for the amount agreed upon.

Starts at $10 and goes up.

If I did not list the size of sign you would like or if you would like a different wood type, let me know and I'll give you an approx. price.

If you would like a specific animal (like your personal dog/cat/horse, ect) there will be no extra fee other than what is listed above. I will need a photo of that animal(s) and I cannot guarentee that you will receive your photo back. I will also not be able to start your sign unless and until I have a picture of your personal animal. Your name/address/phone number should be put on the back of the picture.
If you would like a generic animal(s) on your sign, then I need to know ...

To contact me about ordering a sign, please Click Here. Thank you, and I hope you have enjoyed the pictures.

** All signs are cedar(unless otherwise stated) and come with 1-2 hand painted animals, a background color or small scene(3"x4" approx.) and 1-2 words, your choice of wording... e.i. "The Smiths" or "Welcome". They will have been sanded to a semi-smooth to smooth surface with all surfaces being protected with a varnish. 'Words' are burnt on the signs. Painted 'words' are an additional charge. All 'PLANK' type signs come with a flat edge unless otherwise specified. All 'ROUNDS' will have the bark taken off as bugs like to live in the bark and will make the life of your sign significantly less. All signs have the potential to crack and or warp some and are intended to last several yrs depending on your climate and the sign(s) location.**


Approx. 5" in diameter $10 each


Misc. Design $20

Personal Design $30