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They have arrived!!! All 2 of them:-) On March 26 Spice x Ledoux welcomed 1 boy and 1 girl into the Indianland pack. They are strong and healthy, Spice is a very good mama and everyone is doing great:-)


Indianlands Rhythm And Spice "Spice"
Ch. Indianlands Cadillac Cowboy "LeDoux"

Blue boy aka: Indianlands White Russian "Truman"

We felt that this was very appropriate due to the amount of white he is sporting:-)

birth: 1.08#~ 2wk- 3.91#~ 3wk- 5.86#~ 4wk-8.28#~ 5wk-


Pink girl aka Indianlands Pink Cadillac "Zuzu"

Birth: 1.02#~ 1wk-1.72#~ 2wk- 2.76#~ 3wk- 4.06~ 4wk-5.05#~ 5wk-

Zuzu is sooo stinking cute!!! she has a ton pf personality and is an active girl. She comes over often for visits and we love that!!

Zuzu and Sampson 'walking'