is a happy boy with alot of spunk! One of the happiest little boys you'll meet, he will be learning some good life lessons from his Uncle Cash! Walker attended his first show in August, took 2nd both days and had a great time. Be looking for this boy come summer time!!

Walker is sitting on the LAST patch of snow in his backyard. His folks were nice enought to pile it all there for him:-) It is his lookout:-)
<- 11 mo's huge and 95+lbs!
< 6mo
/\-9 wks
/\ 3mo- practicing stacking for the show!
Beautiful boy at 13mo
In Jan. 2009 on a walk, showing some nice movement and free stacking
1st pts in May 09. JUST took a 3pt major in Puyallup this wkend, new pix coming soon. 18mo