'Bean' is a wonderful boy who has proven himself not only in the show ring, but also as a stud dog. Producing bone, type and passing on his beautiful head are only a few of his qualities. One of his favorite things in life are to be held and kissed between the eyes! He also loves to check out the whelping box to see if there are any babies to be kissed. **Bean has now finished his Can Ch.!!! **in Feb, Bean passed his CGC with flying colors. Now, onto Rally and drafting!!!
A couple months ago, I was contacted by an independant film producer. and he was looking for a Bernese Mtn Dog to use. The producer was searching for a certain look and attitude and since I have several dogs to choose from, he came out to 'interview' our dogs. He decided to go with Bean since he is so expressive and has tons of 'showy' attitude. For the past few months, Bean and I have been shooting a couple weekends a month and we are nearing the finish. Bean has been great and has even improvised some... at the appropriate times!! The film, entitled 'Back With The Living' is to be entered into the Seattle Film Festival in 2008!! So be looking for it!!! This is a picture of us on set this January 2007.