On Feb 27, 2012, Dazzle had her last litter via C-section and we have 2 strong and healthy girls . While Indianland typically has darker marked dogs, both Dazzle and Moon are outcrosses and that brings out more white in some cases. Both of these girls have very unique markings and have quite a bit of white. I will try to update pictures as I get them!!
For now, 'Snowy' she has the most facial white and a swiss kiss on her neck. 1.4 pounds at birth
For now, 'Cloud'' is the darker faced girl, with a swiss kiss and a big white boot on her Left front foot. 1.4 pounds at birth
2 days old
Snowy and Cloud at 2 wks

Bluez taking a flying leap... no Fear!

Gracie telling it like it is!!

<--"Cloud" is officially known as Gracie. She is 6wks old here and spending time outside with the big dogs.
Gracie and her big brother Malachi, waiting for a treat... puppy see, puppy do!
"Snowy" is now Bluez, and if you look close you can see her gorgeous blue eyes! While this is considered a fault in showing, they are still very striking! -->
\/- Bluez on a hike to Rattlesnake in Oct 2012. Gracie on a hike->
the girls at 4wks