"Lefty" is a 4yo Bean x Hanna daughter. Lefty finished her Championship this past Memorial weekend! In her first show in almost a year, Lefty took a RWB and a WB/BOS in Puyallup for her first major!! Not bad for having 11- 6.5wk old puppies at home!! We are very excited about her show career so far with a BOB (over a special!), several BOW's, Reserves and is only in need of one more major! Lefty recently went to Canada and took BOS all 3 days, receiving 5pts!!!

/\-- 1-08 playing in the snow

\/-- July 2007 waiting for a stick to be thrown

/\-- New Champion, May 2007!!!

\/-- 1st major, not bad for having 11-6wks puppies at home!! May 2006


In BC, 2006, taking BOS 3 days in a row and collecting 1/2 her Ch. pts.


\/-- Shown with Fred Thomas, getting some of her first pts.