~These are our adventures with our kids~
Oct 2005 out on a walk and evidence of swimming:-) Oly,Lefty, Woofie, Bean, Tango

Top row, L-R: Bike riding w/Rusty, Chief and Tango, Chief and Rusty w/packs at the pasture

Bottom: L-R: Dash and I in ID, part of our gang walking.. humans-Delanee, Lamar, Shaylee, Bethany, Corey- dogs-Ptto, Stella, Gus, Dazzle, Nellie, Woofie, Gideon, Nugget.

July- the dogs loved swimming!!! Nugget, Dodge, Moon, Dally
<-- Oct=Shaylee w/Dazzle and Summit at the local Salmon Days- Charlie, Dally and I, Moon and Shaylee
Oct- Part of the Snoqualmie river,the girls w/Dazz, Dally, Tango, Shaylle 'doing dog show' with Dazzle,Bumble runnin free, Tango and Dally wearing coats, Dally, Tango, Mt Si and I, Summit and Moon playin Tag.
Dec-2008 Cash and his neice Dally in the snow.
Jan-- a beautiful, if not chilly, day. Walker, Sammy, Dally and Tango out enjoying it. Walker and Sammy got along very well wrestling and racing every chance they could find. Dally only cared to wrestle a few times.

~May~Our 1st puppy wak with the 3mo olds.

L-R Spice, Kevlar, Copper, Griffey, Nigel, Rio.. After the walk..Big dogs havin fun in the mud.. Puppies resting...

puppies resting... again... wrestling matches galore...
... Our group out walking. We went about 1/2 mile, but it took almost 1.5hrs!! lolol Babies running crazy, crashing, resting, wrestling matches, ect... everyone did great and have been well socialized so far... and everyone slept great on the way homes!!

July 2009- Group hikes and swimming.

Anna-Carin and her boys- Singha and Cooper.. so off to Sweden -->

everyone loved the water and fetching sticks

<-- Tango 'saving' Shaylee by bringing her o the shore.

Dally floating through the water.

--Copper's 1st time swimming was a success. Kevlar- below- is also a great swimmer.

Stella-- soaked, waiting for another stick to be thrown.

Teddy and a puppy playing chase.

Kevlar and Spice
1 of the hills we hike- Tango-Stella-Spice