Theme: Cow'Berners' and Indians

Our reunion this year was an awesome adventure! New things were done, lots of family and friends, excellent food, games for adults, kids and dogs and we all had a blast. Here are just some of the highlights! We had a costume event, campsite decorating contest, our games included horse shoes, archery shoot for the kids and a 'roping the deer head' contest for the kids and musical sit for the whole family:-) Silent auctions, litter basket raffles ... each litter got together and contributed to making a basket for raffle... one winner for each basket, the basket with the most raffle tickets chooses next years theme!! All proceeds were split between the Seattle and Inland NW BMD Rescue Groups.

Nest years theme is...

Berners of the caribbean!!! Sooo excited!!

While not many participated this year in the costume event... we had fun! Tammy, mama, Jayme and I... then mama thought that a Squaw should be serious... which got us all cracking up! lol
Our views in the mornings

We had a 'wanted' photo booth!

While I didn't get everyone, several took advantage of being 'wanted'.

We had some downtime and watched the dogs wrestle

We had a balloon memorial for our furry friends that are waiting for us ... Everyone got to put their pets name on the blue or pink balloons and then they were sent to the heavens. Hopefully we won't have to do thihs next year.

The Onlookers for our Horse Shoe throw-off:-) Annika is trying some fancy footwork... Stan tries it also... doesn't work for him!!
Kids roping contest... I think Shaylee might have been praying while throwing!
Kids Archery contest... Uncle Jayme was awesome in helping the kids get it right:-) Sophia was our closest to the target!
Here are some of the Prizes for our contests. The horseshoe flowers were made by my father-in-law and I painted them all.

After long sunny days filled with laughter, visiting and active events, it was very nice to be able to relax beside a firepit.

We would like to extend a special thank you to Greg and Tenley for allowing us to 'borrow' their beautiful place and for extending the offer for next year! Thank you all our families for making this reunion and the next ones to come, such a fun and exciting event:-) until Next year!!!!