Woofie is a big-boned girl who's tempermate is as sweet as she is big! Given to hugs when asked and wishing she had an apposable thumb for the remote, Woofie is known as a VERY laid back girl. Proven to produce big-boned kids with awesome tempermate and great health, Woofie has been a great predecessor to her mother, Hanna. Although Woofie doesn't care a great deal for the show ring, she has received her puppy and an adult Int'l Ch. title, with a placing in group as a puppy. In 2001, as a 14 mo old, Woofie participated in a National Specialty in Spokane, Wa. and placed 2nd in the sweepstakes catagory out of a group of 15+.

Check back to see pix of Woofie's up-and-coming kids in the show ring! Good Luck!!

Woofie kids
Woofie on her 7yo birthday in all her fuzzy glory!!
June 2008 - 8yo
5-1-2000 - 10-2009